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Top Spin tennis. Simple drills to never hit the ball in the net again.Professional Coach Brian Dabul

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Tired of missing balls in the net?

In this video I’ll be showing you some specific drills to work on your topspin:

- Ball over the baskets
- Heavy balls over the yellow rope and short angles below the yellow rope
- Short angles from de serve line (cross court / inside out

I like to work 6 sets x 10 shots in each drill. In the one with the yellow rope you can work also in tactic patterns. Example: heavy down the line - short angle cross court- inside in

It’s important to understand that a shot with TOP SPIN will have a curved trajectory passing with a good margin over the net and then it will drop rapidly preventing the shot from going out. After it touches the ground it will jump very high upwards.

In this video you will see my students from 10 years old all the way to players playing at the professional level. I can assure you that after doing these drills for 15 sessions, 90% of your baseline shots will not be in the net anymore.

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