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Register for lessons in school:

Visit the Contact page:
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Here is a copy of the text in the video, plus a bit more, if you would like to read it at your own pace:

This is a Rockschool Grade 3 piece called 'Indecisive'. The drums, electric guitar and bass guitar are the actual grade 3 parts, and the other instruments have been added in.

You can actually use Grade 3 pieces for GCSE assessments.

Many of Theo's students have passed their grade 3. Two year 9 and 10 girls achieved a 90% Distinction in 2017 and 2020.

The highest percentage score from Theo’s students was a boy aged 10 in 2018, scoring a 96% Distinction in a Grade 1 Drum exam.

The highest Grade 8 exam from Theo's students was a boy aged 15 on Drums, passing with Merit (81%) and earning 24 UCAS points in 2019.

For guitar, a girl aged 13 passed Grade 5 guitar with Merit (85%) in 2019.

The best Bass Guitar result was by a boy in 2012, passing Grade 3 with Merit (77%).

Theo has recently started teaching Ukulele grades. A boy passed Grade 1 with Merit (76%) in 2020 and a girl passed with Merit (81%) in 2019.

In 2018, a 10 year old student won the Urdd Eisteddfod drumming competition, performing a Grade 3 Piece ("Back In Black"). She is currently studying for Grade 6.

In primary school we usually start learning the basics, including reading, and it's a while before we start learning grades.

Getting up to Grade 1 level takes time, but then progress can happen quickly if we skip grades on the way up.

Theo writes his own music books for teaching with and many of them are written for this transition from beginner up to Grade 1.

Theo also teaches youth music groups and prepares them for concerts.

Theo has been learning drums since he was 10 and guitar since he was 14. Piano and Ukulele were studied as an adult.

Theo has an A* GCSE, BTEC Diploma in Music Performance and a BA Hons Music Degree.

Theo has been teaching music since 2009. He teaches in and out of schools and also teaches online.

Age 7 in Year 3 is a great age to start learning, although Theo has taught students from as early as the reception year group.

Ukulele is a good instrument to start with because the strings are easy to push down for young players, as is piano.

Many that start young on ukulele love the instrument so much that they stay learning it for a long time, but you could move onto guitar afterwards.

Theo tailors his lessons to each student and even if some of the lesson content is the same, the student will still follow their own path.

Guitar students in primary school should look to start on a 3/4 size guitar, or even a 1/2 size if they are starting young.

Ukulele's are the cheapest instrument (unless you find a free second piano). Soprano or Concert sizes are very similar. Concert is slightly bigger with more frets.

Drummers are fine learning on full size kits, usually from Year 2 and up. Mute pads or electric drums can reduce noise at home.

A set of drum sticks and a practice pad is enough to be able to practice with at home to start with.

Electric Guitars are a good choice for High School ages, or they may prefer to focus on the acoustic guitar.

Bass Guitar usually has 4 strings but can have 5, or 6 like I'm playing here.

You can start learning Bass Guitar in primary school, but it's mostly an instrument that is picked up in High School due to it's size.

Theo has also recently started to teach beginners Piano in primary schools.

Music lessons in school are 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes long and are taught 1 to 1 during the school day.

If you are interested in lessons, Theo can offer a free 10 minute taster session in school on any instrument.

There is also the option to have guitar or ukulele lessons with a friend to start with in primary school, on request by the parents.

Invoices are sent every term via email and the easiest way to pay is by bank transfer.

Lessons outside of school can be paid weekly or termly.

Please email Theo to get started with lessons or to ask questions:

You can sign up for lessons in school or request a free taster session by visiting and filling out the form.
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