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This channel just hit 500k subscribers and I'm so incredibly grateful for every single person that hit subscribe! As a thank you, I made you guys a Fa...


This channel just hit 500k subscribers and I'm so incredibly grateful for every single person that hit subscribe! As a thank you, I made you guys a Face Reveal AND a Study With Me video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doH4hoayvBg

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I think this subject isn't talked about enough on motivational channels on YouTube - including my own. My videos are made to motivate and inspire, but the message is not to study 16 hours a day, sleep 2 hours a night, have no social life, and drive yourself to exhaustion.

That's not the point.

LIVE your life. Be happy. You're only young once. But when it IS time to study, then give it everything you have. Push yourself, seek challenges, face your fears, but ALWAYS keep your mental and physical health in check. Health comes first, above everything. And I really mean that - above everything.

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